Total Recall Data Recovery Software
Risk Free Guarantee!

IMPORTANT: Please read this before making your purchase!

We're not too hip on 'small print', so there won't be any here.

This brief outline of the RISK FREE GUARANTEE contains important information, please read it carefully.

What is the RISK FREE GUARANTEE and how does it work?

Simple. Either use a free activation number or buy a small activation Number, up to 10mb Activation Number.

Is this offer valid with any other product?

No. This guarantee is applicable only to Total Recall Data Recovery Software Activation Numbers of 10mb OR LESS.

How much can I save for free?

You can save 1mb for free by making a free activation number request here. If the files you need to recover are larger than 1mb, then you can PURCHASE up to a 10mb Activation Number, which is then eligible for a refund OR UPGRADE (which may qualify for a discount off your regular purchase).

Why up to 10mb?

That's plenty of data to recover and see if it's usable/readable by your application.

Small Activation Key ExpressPay
Windows Data Recovery
Data Recovery 5mb Data Recovery 10mb

Mac Data Recovery
Data Recovery 5mb Data Recovery 10mb
If you want a free 1MB key, click here

If I buy an Activation Number larger than 10mb, can I still get a refund?

Sorry, no. Activation Numbers larger than 10mb are not covered by this guarantee. Only Activation Numbers smaller than 10mb are eligible for this offer.

How do I get a refund?

Login to your account, select the 10mb or smaller Activation Number order, then look for the 'refund' link. Click it.

Why do you offer this RISK FREE GUARANTEE?

Because we don't want your money until you're sure TRDRS will do what you expect it to.

Our recovery guarantee is the first of its kind in the data recovery business. We’ve spent years making our software the best it can be. It is by far the most downloaded and used data recovery product on the market, used by many of the leading data recovery labs in the world. You must understand that TRDRS is a very powerful tool to recover data. It will recover all kinds of data, even data that is corrupt, fragmented or partially overwritten. TRDRS will find all recoverable data on your drive.

What if I'm just not ready to buy, do you offer any trial?

Certainly!! Download the application and give it a try right now! Then, can “preview” recovered files by double clicking on them (and don't forget about free 1mb Activaton Number!). Look at photos and text documents. Are they scrambled? Your other data is likely to be also. Try adjusting your scan settings. Deleted files are the most difficult to recover because they can be partially overwritten. TRDRS is only going to recover what is on your drive. If the file is corrupt, TRDRS will recover it the same way it's found (theres no magic software that can re-assemble a corrupted file and make it useable again). TRDRS will recover any and all files, even partial files and overwritten files. In any event, use the quality and experience we offer in Total Recall Data Recovery Software. Take your time, read the manual, and ask questions, and we think you'll agree that we'll help you make the most of lost data!

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