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Data Recovery Services for Iomega® Jaz and Zip Disk Cartridges

Total Recall developed the first tool for recovering Zip™ and Jaz™ disks back in 1995, called Iomega PowerTools™.

Since then, recovering data from Iomega Zip and Jaz disks has come along way. Whether your Zip or Jaz disk doesn't mount or has deleted files, Total Recall's engineers have the experience to get your lost data back.

New Data Recovery Software!

Total Recall now offers sophisticated data recovery software for these types of disks. You can download a free trial of our software and see if it can recover it before purchase.

Iomega, Zip and Jaz are registered trademarks of Iomega Corporation. Iomega Powertools is a registered trademark of Total Recall. Iomega Powertools is no longer sold by Total Recall.

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