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Fire Damage

Data Recovery from Fire, Flood and Other Natural Disasters

When people think of data recovery, the first thing that comes to mind is drives that have suffered a physical problem such as:

  • Hard drives involved in a fire at a business or home
  • Drives with water damage from a flood, hurricane or from a fire being put out
  • Earthquake damage
  • Other natural disasters

Fires, earthquakes and floods actually represent a very small percentage of problems Total Recall deals with on a given day. Depending on the degree of damage, these are often recoverable situations.


  • Do not power up the drive, immediately turn it off if it's on
  • Do not shake or tap the side of the drive
  • Do not put the drive in the freezer
  • Do not send the drive to your local computer retailer, 99% of the time they are not experienced in non-destructive data recovery techniques
  • Do not attempt recovery yourself, these situations require professional help.

Remove the drive from your computer, place it in an anti-static bag (if available) and send your drive in for recovery. Get a free estimate now.

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