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When it comes to recovering lost data, nobody beats Total Recall's expertise. For more than 20 years, Total Recall Data Recovery Centers have performed more than 90,000 recoveries for customers in over 50 countries throughout the World.

Total Recall is trusted and recommended by hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital, IBM, Maxtor, SmartDisk among others. Total Recall is also authorized by most every drive manufacturer to recover data without voiding the original drive warranty. (Always check with the manufacturer). By utilizing class-80 static-free environments as well as secure access areas, your data safe with us! Get your free estimate now!

Total Recall recovers data from nearly all types of media and major operating systems such as:

Total Recall Service Centers recover data from nearly all types of media and major operating systems such as:

  • Hard drives not mounting on the desktop or not being recognized by the operating system
  • Drives that make repeated clicking noises
  • Drives with burned chips on the logic board
  • Drives that won't spin up due to electronic failure or frozen spindles
  • Invalid catalog trees or FAT table partitions
  • Drives that were ghosted with another operating system
  • Drives with physical damage, such as being dropped
  • Drives with fire or flood damage
  • Other problems such as deleted files, formatted disks, or virus attacks.

  • Motorola Logo  
    Time and again, Total Recall has come to our rescue for mission critical data recovery work. Total Recall experience is unmatched in the industry. I wouldn’t trust our data to any other company. Period.
    — James T., Motorola Corporation
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    In the taping of one of our episodes of the popular hit "Blue's Clues", all our source video was lost on a crashed 10-Disk RAID server. Thanks to Total Recall, the episode went on without a hitch!
    — Steve, Nick Jr.
    Our entire business was destroyed by fire. When the smoke cleared, we knew it was going to be a painful road back to being operational. However, it was Total Recall who put out the real fire, the enormous loss of all our data. To our surprise, nearly everything was recovered in tact and we were able move on to the recovery of our business.
    — Richard K., IEC Corp
    (Total Recall) has saved us hundreds of hours recreating a presentation we had to make the next day. No backup was available as all the work was done on a remote laptop. Total Recall went over and above to get our data restored.
    — Chris J., Lockheed Martin