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Burned Chips, Fried Electronics

Burned Chips

Common Symptom: Hard Drive doesn't startup, noticeable smell or burned chips on circuit board.

Diagnosis: Hard drive has physical damage and needs clean-room work. Professional data recovery required.

Hard drives are delicate electronic systems and can fail quite often for no reason at all. If you hard drive has a noticeable smell, clicks, grinds, or just won't even start up, these are common issues that require professional data recovery services from Total Recall.

Don't risk losing your data! Don't bang on the drive or leave it running. Don't run software on it. Definitely don't put it in the freezer! (We hear people doing this all the time.) The drive should be turned off at the first sign of any problem.

Trust your data to a professional like Total Recall that has the proven experience to get your data back safely in a proper environment. Get an online data recovery estimate for more information about our data recovery services.

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